Sobering Scent

I worked with the Leisure society last year when I made the music video for their track 'Dust on the Dance Floor'.

The band are a really lovely group of people, and I worked again with Christian on a little viral marketing video later that year.

Since then they've been in the studio incubating their new album 'Alone aboard the ark'.


The artwork for the album was created by Owen Davey, who I've known since my art foundation. Owen has worked on many of my videos with me, as well as providing much of the score for my documentary, Little Tibet. He's a very talented man.

Anyway, before I start writing sonnets...

I was very pleased to get a call from Nick asking if I'd be up for creating a short teaser for the album using a segment of a new track.

The track ended up being 'The Sober Scent of Paper', which is a beautiful ode to the tragic life of Sylvia Plath.

I knew the video would be another paper animation, but I wanted to try using origami models instead of the cut and glued models I've used in the past. I wanted it to appear that the models could simply have grown from the discarded lyrics, left to take life on their own.

Fish Screned

I kind of suck at origami, but luckily Bec Boey, from The Matey Institute, is rather a master. So having enslaved her I set about dunking things in fish tanks and constructing make-shift greenscreens.


If you like what you see, or more importantly what you hear, head of over to Clash Music, where you can download the full track for free and read more about the band.