Ezra Furman - Ordinary Life

Last year I made a music video for Ezra Furman's 'Restless Year'.

It was such a fun way to spend my January that I thought I'd do it again this year - this time for the slower paced "Ordinary Life". It's an amazing song, and probably my favourite track on the album.

Here's the video:

I know Ezra writes a lot of his songs in bedrooms, and I've always felt entering someone's bedroom is as close as you can get to actually walking into someone's mind. The room we sleep in is where we start out from on most days, like a launch pad. I think that's why depression can make it so hard to get out of bed - to launch out into the unknown.

I liked the idea of building that space in miniature. Partially because it would enable me to fuse the space with a notebook (the same video done on a larger scale would have meant a boldness in the wall writing, which wouldn't have felt appropriate), but also because of the delicate nature of all the objects on that scale. 

The video for Restless Year was big, open and roaming, while this needed to start small and fragile before releasing out into space. It needed to feel handmade.

The same with the universe which the bed escapes into - I wanted that to be hand drawn in order to connect with writing on the wall. Everything that transforms the space comes from the tip of a pencil or brush. 

It's something mundane and ordinary being transformed by the ideas forming inside it.