The Leisure Society - Dust on the Dancefloor

A new music video! 

I met The Leisure Society at End of the Road Festival this year. And a lovely group of people they are too.

Their single 'Dust on the Dancefloor' was soon to be released, and having seen my little animation for the festival, they asked me if I might be interested.

Of course I was.

Time was fairly tight, and the band were about to go on tour with Laura Marling, so it was very much a case of working with what you've got. Luckily what they had was a couple of reels of Super 8 footage from their last summer tour.

So I came up with an idea of trying to lace imagery of them into the beams of projectors, with an old retainer type character trying to catalogue the footage.

I don't think the band entirely knew what the outcome was going to be, and to be entirely honest I'm not sure that I was either. Nonetheless, Nick and the band were all extremely trusting, and just went with it.

We shot the band in a disused office in Old Street, and then the rest in a converted dairy barn in Sussex. My father, David Brett, took the role of the projectionist; how handy it is to have a fine actor in the family.

The rest was literally smoke and mirrors.