Clowning About


Advance warning to any coulrophobics out there: this post may contain clowns.

David Thomas Broughton is an incredible performer. Somewhere between performance art and singer songwriter, he makes music which is both haunting and hilarious.

For his latest album he's been asking video makers to create music videos for each song. Earlier in the year I helped Leila Watts create her first animation for the track 'Staying True'.

As the deadline for release approached nobody had taken on the final track on the album, and so I stepped up.

I came up with the most simple idea I could and called in two very good actors who wouldn't mind making a scene in public. Here's what we ended up with:

Hope you enjoyed it, and if you'd like to see any of the other videos, head on over to David Thomas Broughton's website,

A big thanks to Aidan Hornsby for operating second camera, and to Damien Tanner for letting us shoot in his bedroom in spite of his horrific jet-lag.